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Are you a Gourmet?
Take our mini quiz to see if you need to hone your Culinary savoir-faire (How to’s)

1. You’ve ordered wine and the waiter returns, shows you the bottle, which you agree is the one you’ve ordered. He opens it, places the cork before you and may pause for you to sniff the cork agreeing that it is in good condition. Now he pours a small amount of wine in your glass and waits for:
a. you to offer him a taste
b. you to sample the wine and approve it
c. you to tell him he is dismissed

2. One of the offers on the menu is Moules Marinière. It looks intriguing but your not sure what it is. So you:
a. Pretend you know and order it only to find you can’t stand it.
b. Ask the waiter to describe the dish.
c. Order something else.

3. You are not at all sure what sort of wine to order with your meal. So you:
a. Ask for a suggestion within a price range you find acceptable.
b. Pretend you know because you are embarrassed.
c. Claim to be allergic to wine.

4. You have ordered a multi-course meal and find a dizzying array of cutlery on either side of your plate. What to do?
a. Choose whatever cutlery looks right for the task.
b. Use your fingers.
c. Work from the outside in as each course arrives.

5. You know that in some places the tip is included with the meal while in others tipping is not done at all. You are unsure of the policy here so you:
a. Ask.
b. Assume that it is the same as it is in your city.
c. Leave what you think is appropriate.

While the quiz is just for fun and the answers fairly obvious, the main point is that you should never be afraid to ask a question if you’re unsure. Also, relax, most of us encounter “firsts” in restaurants such as when we are presented with a warm bowl of water with lemon (wash your hands) and use the towel offered to dry them. A good waiter will sense when you need a cue, and will , if your stalled, nudge you in the right direction. If you make a mistake once, you wont do it twice! Besides, we are always charmed by someone who can laugh at themselves! Bon apetit!

Answers: 1b,2b,3a,4c,5a. If you answered correctly to 3 or more you may call yourself and epicure !




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