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Welcome to Go Montreal Livings French restaurant section. Here you will find a vast selection of Montreal French restaurants to choose from. Whether you are looking for fabulous bavette or nouvelle cuisine we have a French restaurant to suit your pallet. Here are some interesting tips if you are interested in “nouvelle cuisine”: Read more...
    Le Surcouf
51 Ste-Anne,
Le Surcouf has been enchanting it’s patrons for over 30 years in a beautiful Victorian home. The cuisine celebrates the now rare delicacies of pure, traditional French cuisine-without any “nouvelle” frippery. A must when in town.    
Restaurant Le Surcouf Signature Page | Web Site More Info
985, boul. St-Jean
Montréal, QC, H9R 5K3
Come and try out the fantastic restaurant, Mezzamis, which is located in Pointe Claire on St John's Boulevard. Let yourself be charmed by its warm and friendly ambiance, outstanding service and cuisine!    
Restaurant Mezzamis Signature Page | Web Site More Info
    La Maison Verte
16981 Gouin blvd W.,
Ste-Genevieve, H9H 1E6
La Maison Verte is established in a 150 year old ancestral house. It’s vocation is noted for it’s fine gastronomical French cuisine, and fresh seasonal products such as wild game.    
Restaurant La Maison Verte Web Site More Info

"nouvelle cuisine", people have often wondered what exactly the term means and what its coiners strove to accomplish. French Nouvelle cuisine was soon popularized by food writers eager to discover something new, and by journalists, who over praised it. It became the rage, a new creed, and the intellectuals of the movement were the French journalists Gault and Millau. They not only extolled this new way of cooking but set down the cuisine's bylaws with the help of some of the great chefs of France.

A moment in cookery, started in 1972 by two food critics, H. Gault and C. Millau, with the aim of encouraging a simpler and more natural presentation of food. The movement combined a publicity campaign with novel recipes and a new ethic, although the idea itself was not new. Foreshadowing the apostles of nouvelle cuisine.

Advocates of nouvelle cuisine reject the over-rich, complicated, and indigestible dishes that are no longer suitable to a generation conscious of the health hazards of overeating, especially of fatty foods, known to contribute to obesity and cardiovascular disease. To counter this—and the increasing use of processed food—they espouse authenticity and simplicity in cooking. The nouveaux cuisiniers seek to uphold a concept—their theorists even talk of a world vision—that combines the professions of medicine and dietetics. Their guiding principles are: absolute freshness of ingredients, lightness and natural harmony in the accompaniments, and simplicity in the cooking method. This means less fat, no flour liaisons, no indigestible mixtures, and no 'disguised' dishes. Instead, they advise light sauces based on meat juices, stocks, essences, and spices; vegetables prepared so that their natural flavors are retained; and rapid cooking without fat, which allows the food to retain some of its texture. This entails dry cooking in the oven, or under a grill (broiler), steaming, stewing, cooking in a bain-marie, or cooking en papillote. Dieticians agree that quickly cooked food retains maximum nutritional value.

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